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I Bet You Did Not Know Alabama’s Beaches Look Like This (Pictures of Alabama’s Beaches)

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I am almost willing to bet that some of you did not even know Alabama has beaches,  and I am definitely willing to bet you did not know they look like this!

Pictures of Alabama’s Beaches

The last time Alabama’s Beaches made national headlines, it was for that dirty phrase that I hate to repeat….the “BP Oil Spill.” The Gulf Coast got beat up pretty bad that year not only by the horrible oil spill, but also the media’s constant coverage of Alabama’s beaches looking like crap.

I am sure many of you remember the images of the oil coming to shore, the clean up crew in masks and long pants in the blazing heat, and last but certainly not least the tar ball pictures splashed all over the newspapers and television. If the truth be told, those media images hurt Alabama’s Gulf Coast as much as the oil did. Many innocent people lost their jobs, small and big businesses closed their doors, and sadly BP has still not made what they did wrong right with the Deep Water Horizon settlement program.

I hope that these pictures of the beautiful Alabama’s beaches will inspire you book an Alabama beach rental this year for your family vacation.

Alabama Beaches Pictures

Alabama’s Beautiful Beaches


Alabama Beach Rentals

Alabama’s Beaches

Alabama Beach Pictures

Alabama Beach Rentals

Alabama Family Fun at the Beach

These pictures of are part of Delicious Baby’s photo friday, and the Alabama Beach pictures are compliments of Prickett Properties rentals

Tamala PrickettI Bet You Did Not Know Alabama’s Beaches Look Like This (Pictures of Alabama’s Beaches)

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