Buccament Bay in St Vincents is winning the race!

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Chic Family Travels is narrowing our decision for our holiday vacation down. Right now, Buccament Bay Resort in St Vincent and the Grenadines is winning the race 🙂 Buccament Bay offers several things that Chic Family Travels really appreciates, such as an abundant of activities for kids and adults alike. Specifically, Buccument Bay has a Pat Cash Tennis Academy with free tennis clinics (for 2012) ,and a Performing Arts Academy that sounds pretty fun. Wouldn’t it be fun to sneak away to a secluded island and find out if you can sing or act without the peaking eye of your friends and neighbors? Well, my kids think thats a pretty cool amenity at least. We are gonna try it out if we go!

Also, Buccument Bay offers several “included” excursions such as guided rain forest hikes, a trip to the Dark View Water Falls, and Catamaran Sunset Cruises. We are equally excited about the non-included trips like the one to Mustique and the Tobago Cays. Hmmm….Mustique is where the British Royalty vacation, right? I think I would like it 🙂 There is also an active volcanoe hike nearby. Did I really read “active volcanoe?” Yes, that is what the website says. Sounds scary but I am thinking that people do it for a reason, right? This excursion yearns for a little more research but I always like a new adventure!

We also hear that the Buccument Bay Kids Club is included for all ages and includes a ton of activities. We are thinking the 2 1/2 year old might really like a couple of hours in air conditioning with fun toys and possibly some new friends! We might even be able to coax the 8 and 10 year old to visit as well. We could not drag them out of the revamped Atlantis Kids Club, so who knows? It depends on what they have to offer. We are game to try it out.

Buccament Bay has an all-inclusive option that would include all food and drink. It does not come cheap but sounds like it would be worth the price. I don’t think this is your typical all inclusive “Beaches Resort.”  At least the price indicates it is not. I don’t mind paying for quality up front. It takes the pressure off the trip in my opinion. .There are plenty of fabulous, chic resorts that we need to visit and review so its very difficult to choose. We try to find “up and coming resorts” that others have likely not heard of. Buccument Bay is brand new and has a nice list of luxury amenities and activities. Buccuament Bay sounds like a place that we could not only relax and enjoy the Caribbean Sea but stay active and entertained for a week stay with kids. Chic Family Travels is mighty tempted. We will keep you posted on our final decision. At this point, it truly depends on the level of service and responsiveness from the reservation staff. I have found that what you find up-front will continue into your vacation. If it does not feel right before you get there then it definitely won’t feel right after you get there! A friendly word of advise from a seasoned vacationer 🙂

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Tamala PrickettBuccament Bay in St Vincents is winning the race!