The Pearl Hotel

Rosemary Beach or Europe ? You Decide ….

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The Pearl Hotel at Rosemary Beach

The Pearl Hotel

Rosemary Beach or Europe ? You Decide….

Rosemary Beach Florida

Chic Family Travels has been around Rosemary Beach and 30-A for a long time. We actually own a vacation rental house in Seagrove Beach, which is also on 30-A.

We have also traveled all over the globe, and remain astonished that 30-A still remains largely a local (meaning the southeast) vacation hot spot. That is until 2013, when Katie Holmes and little Suri Cruise were spotted in Rosemary Beach for the memorial day summer holiday. I think the secret is out now that People magazine flashed photos of the world’s most famous divorcee holidaying in Rosemary Beach on 30-A. St. Tropez better watch out, because there is a new kid in town and its a lot easier to get to!

Over the past 5 years, not much changed at Rosemary Beach due to the real estate market downturn. During that time, Daniel and I have dreamed about opening a hotel in an abandoned building in Rosemary Beach which was once owned by the owner of Movie Gallery. As of August 2013, that abandoned building is home to the new swanky Pearl Hotel. Obviously, someone else had the same idea and had a lot more cash to drop on our investment dream! Nonetheless, the opening of the Pearl Hotel in Rosemary Beach is a definitely a positive sign that real estate is back.

The Pearl Hotel at Rosemary Beach




















At a starting price of $500 a night, you can stay at the Pearl Hotel in Rosemary Beach and discover the 30-A magic on the Florida Gulf Coast. If you don’t have that kind of cash to drop on a hotel room, you can always book our much more affordable Seagrove beach house rental and still rub shoulders with the rich and famous. Chic Family Travels did just that this past weekend 🙂

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Tamala PrickettRosemary Beach or Europe ? You Decide ….

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