The Breakers Palm Beach

The Breakers Is Everything You Have Heard … And More

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The Breakers Is Everything You Have Heard . . . And More


The Breakers Palm Beach

I had heard a lot about The Breakers in Palm Beach. The Breakers had been built up so much that I was almost expecting to be disappointed.  First of all, you can literally see the hotel miles before you actually arrive. My son’s first question upon arrival was : “Mommy, why are we staying in a castle?”

The Breakers Lobby Can you blame him for truly believing the Breakers was a castle? I went with it, and we called the Breakers “the castle” for the rest of our stay!

Every morning, we had breakfast in the Circle Room. One word alone can describe the Circle Room….wow. I felt like a princess with my little prince at a breakfast fit for a queen.

The Breakers Circle Room The amazing architecture does not stop at the Circle Room. I was invited on a tour of the Breakers with the Marketing Manager, and got a peek at room after room that will make your jaw drop. Seriously, check out this ceiling.

The Breakers Ballroom I know what you are thinking about now. The Breakers looks amazing, but how could you take a 4 year old on vacation at this fancy of a place?! I know it is hard to believe, but the Breakers is one of the most family-friendly luxury hotels that I have ever stayed.

First of all, the Breakers has a kids club that accepts children at age 3 and up. Not only do they have sessions during the day, but also at night. Yup, you heard that right! I experienced both the day and night kids club sessions at the Breakers, and both were top notch. Murray absolutely loved the Breakers kids club.

The Breakers Kids Club Review There are a ton of fabulous restaurants at the Breakers (e.g. HMF), but the Italian restaurant is a stand-out for families with children. Whomever designed the Breakers Italian restaurant gets a virtual kiss from me! The restaurant is adjacent to the kids club facilities which is open for children to enjoy while their parents are dining. This was my view at dinner. Can we say…..Brilliant?!

The Breakers Italian Restaurant

There is far more to the kids club area than displayed in the above picture. The Breakers has thought of every age group, thus there is a area for the older kids to play video games and even a movie theater. On top of that, they have an animal stuffing area that is similar to “build a bear.” All of these areas are in the same building as the Italian Restaurant.

Do you think Murray enjoyed stuffing his animal while I casually dined with a friend and a nice bottle of pinot noir?

The Breakers For Kids I have not even mentioned the beachfront experience at the Breakers! Yes, there is a lovely beach at the Breakers where you can relax, swim and even snorkel a reef.

The Breakers Beach Front

I was lucky enough to be invited to experience a scuba dive of the reef at the Breakers. I was pleasantly surprised at the clarity of the water at the Breakers. Previously, I had only dived in the Caribbean. Also, I was able to dive right off the beach. The reef was full of fish and interesting ones at that! I saw a huge turtle, eel, and even a tarpon.

The Breakers Scuba Dive

If you are more of a pool person, the Breakers has that as well. Pool after Pool after Pool. Not kidding.

The Breakers Adult Pool

Now, lets get to the really good stuff…..the Breakers Beach Bungalows. There are Bungalows for rent at each pool. Let me tell you, its worth it. The Beach Bungalows comes with your “butler” for the day. I don’t know about you, but this does not happen for me every day.

The Breakers Beach Bungalow

The Beach Bungalow itself was stunning, and perfectly located near the pool and beach. The Beach Bungalow included a flat screen tv, refrigerator full of drinks and snacks, bathroom & did I mention the butler ?!

Breakers Pool Cabana

The Breakers Bungalow

Oh yeah, there was also an outdoor shower. I’m not kidding.

The Breakers Bungalow Outdoor Shower

We had several rain showers that day, but we did not have to leave the pool area once. The Beach Bungalow truly made our day at the Breakers.

Lastly, I would like to mention our suite at the Breakers. The first thing that I noticed was the quality of the bed linens. I know, it sounds incredibly snobby! However, I expect nice linens when I stay at a five star property, and I can assure you that the Breakers will not disappoint. Note: I stayed at a Ritz Carlton just before our stay at the Breakers and there was no comparison in the quality of the linens.

The Breakers Suites

The first thing the kids noticed was the TV in the bathroom. Seriously, there were 2 other perfectly good TVs and this is where they wanted to watch cartoons.

The Breakers Suite

The additional space in the Breakers suite is perfect for families.

The Breakers Suite Review This was my first time going on vacation without my husband and two older girls. I was admittedly very nervous about spending a week alone with Murray. The Breakers truly made it easy and magical at the same time. I will never forget our mom and son getaway. Memories are the best thing money can buy.

The Breakers Review Palm Beach

Chic Family Travels received complimentary accommodations, dining and other experiences for a portion of their stay at the Breakers. As always, my opinions are my own and we still doled out plenty of cash during our stay 🙂

Tamala PrickettThe Breakers Is Everything You Have Heard … And More


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