American Business Class Flat Bed Review : A Mixed Bag

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American Business Class Flat Bed Review: A Mixed Bag

We booked American Airlines business class flat bed seats on the 777-200 for our long-haul trip from the U.S. to Barcelona. Even though American Airline’s service is “forced,” the flat bed seat is one of the best in the sky.

The American Air 777-200 seat configuration of 1-2-1 offers direct aisle access for each passenger. The tv screen is a sufficient size and swings for easy viewing. Also, the wing style seat offers some privacy.

Overall, the American Airlines business class 777-200 hard product gets close to a perfect score.

The same cannot be said for the soft product. While the flight attendants were nice enough, it was clear that they weren’t overly excited about serving the passengers.

Once the dinner service was complete, the flight attendants turned off the lights and disappeared. Of course we could ring for the flight attendant if we wanted a beverage or anything else, but whats wrong with a little pro-active service ?

The American Airlines business meal was also just ok. The appetizer was weird and gross, but the bread did the trick. The salad would have been good if they put more than a half teaspoon of dressing on it.

The beef short ribs were decent, but not something I’m dying to eat again.

Murray didn’t eat anything except the ice cream sundae. You can never go wrong with ice cream!

Even though American’s Business Class soft product needs improvement, we were happy to have a nice flat bed seat for the 9 hour journey to Barcelona.

Unfortunately, we were only able to fly American Airlines flat bed seats on the return due to our connection flight being delayed.

It truly was unfortunate because we were stuck flying British Airways business class in a 2-3-2 seat configuration. It was the weirdest business class layout that I have ever flown. The seat partition had to be lowered, thus disturbing your neighbor, each and every time you spoke to the flight attendant. Not to mention, you had to climb over your neighbor each time you went to the restroom. I would avoid British Airways at all costs after this flight.

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Tamala PrickettAmerican Business Class Flat Bed Review : A Mixed Bag