Barcelona Luxury Apartments

Barcelona Luxury Apartments With 5 Star Hotel Service : Score!

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Barcelona Luxury Apartments With 5 Star Hotel Service : Score!


Finding a luxury apartment in Barcelona for a family of 6 is difficult, and nearly impossible if you also want five star hotel service. I found both at the El Palauet hotel in Barcelonaa boutique hotel with only 6 apartments.

I bet you are wondering if the location of the hotel is the “catch.”

Spoiler alert. There is not a “catch.”

The El Palauet is located on one of the most exclusive streets in Barcelona. The Passeig De Gracia is the Fifth Avenue of Barcelona. The El Palauet is also within walking district other popular areas of Barcelona such as the Gothic District.

Now that we are done with that, lets get to the good stuff! These Barcelona Apartments are so fabulous that you may never even want to see the Passeig De Gracia street.

Welcome to the El Palauet! The door is always locked, and only accessible by your private code. Otherwise, you can ring for the attendant.

El Palauet Review

The lobby is stunning, and no photo does it justice. Especially, the one below. My kids were dying from jet lag.

Barcelona El Palauet Review

I typically don’t photograph the hotel elevator, but the elevator typically does not warrant a picture!

El Palauet Elevator

Welcome to our Barcelona luxury apartment!

Barcelona Luxury Apartment  El Palauet

The huge living room came in handy after a 10 hour flight for our sleepy group. Do you see a trend? We eventually adjusted to the new time zone and woke up!

El Palauet Living Room

The El Palauet bedrooms were equally stunning and comfortable.

Barcelona Luxury Apartment

Barcelona Luxury Hotel

My favorite room in the entire apartment was the master bath, on an enclosed terrace nonetheless! If you are worried about someone peeking in, a touch of a button will take care of it. In fact, everything in the El Palauet is electronically controlled by an ipad provided by the hotel.

Barcelona Five Star Hotel

Wish the bedroom had a column? Just touch a button 🙂

El Palauet Barcelona

Want your toilet seat warmed? Just touch a button. Don’t worry, I did not take a picture!

Our 2 bedroom Barcelona apartment also had an outside terrace. It is always nice to be able to walk outside for a fresh breath of air when staying in a hotel.

El Palauet Barcelona Review

The El Palauet apartment also has a full kitchen. However, you can also order room service as if you were in a regular hotel.

The El Palauet roof top terrace was one of our favorite spaces in the hotel! It larger than most Barcelona roof top terraces that have hundreds of hotel rooms. The El Palauet only has 6 apartments so the roof top is never crowded.

Barcelona Luxury Apartments

El Palauet Rooftop

There is also a room for a spa treatment on the El Palauet roof top terrace.

El Palauet Reviews

What more can I say? The El Palauet is simply the best Barcelona luxury apartment with five star hotel service! They even put up with my crazy bunch…which says a lot.

El Palauet Lobby

Tamala PrickettBarcelona Luxury Apartments With 5 Star Hotel Service : Score!