Bucket List Trip

Coming Soon : The Bucket List Trip

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Bucket List Trip

Anyone who knows us personally has heard us talk about chartering a catamaran in the Caribbean one day.

In the past we had technical issues that delayed our bucket list trip, namely a little boy named Murray. This year our “technical issue” has been resolved as Murray is 4 years old, swims like a fish, and understands the inherit danger of jumping off a moving boat (we hope).

Chic Family Travels is chartering Ocean View Catamaran for a sailing trip through the Windward Islands over the Mardis Gras school holiday. Here is a sneak peek of our Grenadines sailing itinerary and the catamaran that will take us from port to port.

We decided to sail through the Grenadines in lieu of the British Virgin Islands because it was less expensive to fly into St. Lucia, and we have not visited most of the islands in the Grenadines chain. We are sailing from St. Lucia to Grenada, with numerous stops along the way. We are most excited about visiting the Tobago Cays, and swimming with the turtles.

Grenadines Charter Map

Here is a sneak peek at our floating home named Ocean View, a 2014 62 Lagoon Catamaran. Pinch me!!! I have no shame in my obnoxious excitement about our upcoming Bucket List Trip!! 

OceanView Catamaran Salon


OceanView Catamaran Dining


I don’t even know why I included this picture, because I will happily not be cooking a single meal on this trip. Our captain and hostess will be treating Mom to a week off kitchen duty!


OceanView Catamaran Kitchen


OceanView Master Cabin

OceanView Catamaran


OceanView Flybridge


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Tamala PrickettComing Soon : The Bucket List Trip