BVI Bareboat Charter Tips : Dream Yacht Charter Review

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BVI Bareboat Charter Tips : Dream Yacht Charter Review

BVI Bareboat Charter Tips

We have vacationed in BVIs for 7 years straight with  2 of those on a Charter Boat. This year we decided to ditch the captain, and give it a go ourselves with a Bareboat Charter. We booked the boat with Dream Yacht Charter.

I thought I had learned all there was to know about choosing a BVI Boat Charter on our previous two sailings. If you want details on how to choose a BVI Charter Boat with a captain, then read my previous posts here.

It turns out that Bareboating adds a whole new layer of complexity to the process of choosing a BVI Charter Yacht.

I booked a brand new, 2016 52 Lagoon Catamaran with Dream Yacht Charter. I even went through my checklist of “must have” items with the booking agent :

1- Water Maker (Hot and Cold Water)

2- Air Conditioning

3- Wifi

4- GPS and a bunch of other technical boat stuff that Daniel knew to ask for.

It truly never dawned on me to request electric toilets (aka Heads) in lieu of manual heads.

This little guy looks innocent enough, but let me explain how incredibly disgusting and miserable it is to pump 6 toilets worth of poop for a week.

Manual Heads

First of all, it takes on average 25 pumps to get waste out. Yes, I actually counted it. We had six kids on the boat, and only one of them was strong enough to pump her own poop. Guess who got the lovely duty of pumping poop ? The adults!

Second of all, it took us a full day to figure out that the kids were not getting the toilets appropriately pumped out. The smell was the first hint. Speaking of the stinch, we never got rid of it. We pumped our hearts out, but to no avail.

I still can’t wrap my brain around the fact that someone bought a brand new, multi-million dollar boat and did not put electric toilets on it. Our 26 ft center console has an electric toilet for goodness sakes!

So what is the lesson in this? Our next BVI bareboat charter will be pump free!!

Other than the toilet fiasco, the Dream Yacht Charter boat was pretty much as described. I could nit pick, but I’m really not that hard to please.

I just don’t want to pump poop for a week.

With all that being said, we had another great vacation Sailing the BVIs. Check out our British Virgin Islands Sailing video below. I promise there is no poop pumping footage 😉


Tamala PrickettBVI Bareboat Charter Tips : Dream Yacht Charter Review