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What You Get With A Disney VIP Tour : What Disney Won’t Tell You

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What You Get With A Disney VIP Tour : What Disney Won’t Tell You

Disney VIP Tour

Have you ever waited in line for an hour and a half for a five minute ride at Disney World? We have, and it sucks. With that being said, we were REALLY excited to receive a Disney World VIP Tour on our recent media trip. Mainly, I was excited about whisking through those torcherous Disney World lines.

The Disney World website is vague on what you will get with regards to skipping the lines.  If you call Disney World, they will tell you that the VIP Tour guides use the fast pass system.

I don’t know about you, but I would have a real hard time spending $380 an hour for someone to use the fast-pass system which I can do on my own for no additional cost. Plus, we all know the downfalls of the Disney fast pass system. How many times have you ran to grab a fast pass for your favorite ride to find out that they have no more fast passes left for the day? I am going to guess …way too many.

Let me ease your mind, the Disney VIP tour guides are not really using the same fast pass system that the GP (AKA general public) also has access too. The Disney World VIP tour guides have what they call a “Fast Pass Plus.” Basically, this means that during your Disney VIP tour you will have access to the fast pass lines with almost no limitations. The tour guide has a pocket full of these “Fast Pass Plus” tickets, and she magically never runs out! In fact, you can go through the fast pass line at the Mt Everest roller coaster as many times as your little heart desires. Our hearts desired twice in a row on the Disney VIP tour 🙂

Disney World VIP Tour

If someone tells you that you will walk to the front of the fast pass line, they are not telling you the truth. You still have to wait in the fast pass line, but the wait time is usually minimal. We never waited for more than 10 or 15 minutes at the most.

Another huge advantage of the Disney VIP tour is the method of transportation between the parks and within a park. First of all, the Disney Tour guide will pick you up at your hotel and escort you into your park of choice. The VIP tour guide also will drive you between the parks, and they have access to premium parking the rest of us commoners did not even know existed! The tour guide literally parks in the Disney parks back lots. Even better, they can park right where your ride or attraction of choice is located. By using a Disney VIP tour guide, you will cut out miles of walking.

On one occasion, our tour guide told us to jump in the van to hit the next attraction at Epcot. We were already in Epcot so I did not understand why we needed to drive there. She said that driving to the next attraction would save us a whopping 1.5 mile walk! With 3 kids in tow, I estimated that this saved us almost 40 minutes of walking. Even better, we literally entered the Soarin attraction through a private entrance.

Disney VIP Tour Guide

Your Disney VIP tour guide will also handle your dining reservations to ensure your day is not wasted waiting on a table. Our tour guide asked us what we had in mind for lunch, and I responded that we wanted to just grab something quick so we could utilize our time enjoying the attractions. She wisely advised us to let her make dining reservations, because the quick service lines would take more time.

Apparently, the Disney tour guide can get dining reservations on a last minute’s notice. Not surprisingly, our tour guide was right again. We would have spent more time waiting in a quick service line than enjoying a fabulous lunch at Via Napoli in Epcot complete with a relaxing glass of vino.

Via Napoli

We were able to hit everything we wanted to see and do at THREE Disney World parks in ONE day! On previous visits to Disney World, it took us a minimum of 3 days to do the same amount that we were able to accomplish in one day with the Disney VIP tour guide.

I know that $380 an hour with a six hour minimum sounds absolutely crazy. However, it sounds a little bit less insane if you take into account the money you will save in additional hotel nights and everything that goes along with that.

Admittedly, our VIP tour was compliments of Disney World and Golden Oaks.  However, we will NEVER go back to Disney World without a Disney VIP tour guide again. We know exactly what it costs, and think it is worth every penny…. even our own pennies!

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Tamala PrickettWhat You Get With A Disney VIP Tour : What Disney Won’t Tell You