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Golden Oak Homes At Disney World : A Legacy Investment

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Golden Oak Homes At Disney World : A Legacy Investment

Imagine inheriting a luxury vacation home at Disney World that has been with your family for generations. Sounds pretty awesome, don’t you think?

Golden Oak at Disney World is providing you that opportunity, and many affluent purchasers around the world are buying their own legacy investment to hand down to their lineage.


Golden Oak Disney World

The starting price of a Golden Oak house is 1.7 million, and approximately 70% of the Golden Oak purchasers are buying the homes as a second or third vacation home. Needless to say, you will need to fall into the affluent category to become one of the lucky few who will be acquiring a Disney World legacy home.

If you fall into the top 1 percent or simply want to know how the other half lives, then you will want to continue reading to find out why home ownership at Golden Oak offers far more than just a home.

Golden Oak is a gated community on Disney property with it’s own country club solely for its residents. I had the pleasure of touring the Summerhouse at Golden Oak which is where the club resides. Upon entry, you know that you have arrived at a VIP type of place. The Golden Oak concierge is the first person you will encounter upon entering.

Golden Oak Summerhouse entry

One of the perks of Golden Oak home ownership is that you have an elite reservation team at your beck and call. The Golden Oak concierge and elite reservation team has one goal, and that is to accomplish anything that the Golden Oak’s homeowners desire. Whether it be a hard to get dinner reservation or acquiring a special permit to fly a homeowners dog back to Brazil, the Golden Oak concierge will go to all lengths to get it done. Yes, the “dog permit story” is a true story.

Now, once you pass the Golden Oak concierge desk you have the option of visiting the state of the art fitness center, swimming pool, kids game area or indulge in a signature Summerhouse Dining Experience at Markham’s.

Summerhouse Golden Oaks Fitness Center

Golden Oaks Markhams Restaurant

We had the luxury of being treated to a dinner at Golden Oak’s Markhams and it was one of my top culinary experiences of all time. I mean….who knew that cocoa soil tasted so good?

Dinner at Golden Oak's Markhams

Golden Oak's Markhams Restaurant

I could get use to these types of edible treats magically appearing in my Golden Oak’s home after a fabulous dinner at Markham’s. Just saying.

Golden Oak Markhams Restaurant

Being that Golden Oak resides on Disney property, it only makes sense that there is a Disney connection for Golden Oak residents. Every Golden Oak homeowner receives a Golden Oak at Disney Resident Pass. What does that mean? Well, it means that your family and friends have an unlimited free pass to Disney World along with other in-park benefits. Speaking of in-park benefits, let me just tell you that Disney knows how to treat a VIP.

We had the pleasure of pretending like we were Golden Oak residents during our stay. Like I previously said, it is the Golden Oak elite reservation team’s objective to make ANYTHING happen that a resident should desire.

Lucky for Golden Oak that they have the Disney World special events team on speed dial 🙂 Did you expect any less?

Golden Oak and Disney World treated us to a catered dinner in a private room at Epcot. The food and location were in itself fabulous enough, but guess who made an appearance to top off the event?!

Disney Special Events at EpcotPoor little Murray will never understand why he has to wait in those meet and greet lines at Disney World again 🙁

After dinner and dancing with Chef Mickey, the Disney special events team whisked us away to a private terrace at Epcot overlooking the lagoon. Our chefs were preparing home-made rum infused ice cream along with other desserts that I cannot remember because they had me at “rum-infused.”

Disney Special Events

Now, I knew what was going to happen next and I am sure you do too : the Epcot Illumination fireworks show! Thus, I was a little perplexed when they started handing out 3-D glasses. I had enough rum-infused ice cream, among other beverages, so I did not ask any questions.

The kids did not have any rum or even any rum-infused ice-cream, but they put on the glasses anyway.

Disney Illumination Show Golden Oak

The Disney special events team outdid themselves again by surprising our entire group with Mickey Mouse fireworks! I don’t know how to explain it better than to tell you that with each firework burst, Mickey Mouse made magical and dramatic appearances.

So this is how the other half lives. Dang it, they even get special fireworks at Epcot.

Where do I sign up for this top 1% thing ? Golden Oaks homeowners get this type of VIP treatment all the time, so why shouldn’t I? Oh yeah, they invested in that whole legacy home thing at Golden Oak.

Speaking of which, I will leave you completely green with envy by showcasing photos of the Golden Oaks legacy investment homes that we toured while at Disney World.

Golden Oaks Homes At Disney World

Chic Family Travels was invited to tour the Golden Oaks Homes as part of a media trip. However, I was not paid to write this article and we promise that we tried to behave at all these fancy places!

Markham's at Golden Oak

Tried being the operative word 🙂

Tamala PrickettGolden Oak Homes At Disney World : A Legacy Investment