Hot Travel Destination List 2014

Hot Travel Destinations On Our Bucket List For 2014

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Hot Travel Destinations On Our Bucket List For 2014

Hot Travel Destination List 2014

I always begin planning the upcoming year of  family travel before the current year comes to an end, and 2013 was no different. I have already booked three 2014 trips for our family, but there is a lot more room on my calendar! Daniel would disagree, but I know how to tune out nonsense 🙂

I decided to put together my bucket list of travel destinations for 2014 to motivate myself to make it happen. I hope my travel destination bucket list will also inspire you to book a family trip at one of these hot travel destinations for 2014.

Hot Travel Destinations for 2014 that we have booked:

1- Montage Deer Valley Utah

Montage Deer Valley

We have not skied Deer Valley since Claire was a baby, and neither of the girls remember the trip.

I’ve always loved Deer Valley, and all the buzz about the Montage perked my interest. Specifically, I had a friend tell me while we were vacationing together at the Viceroy in Snowmass that the Viceroy was nice but the Montage at Deer Valley blew it away. By the way, I thought the Viceroy was pretty dang swanky.

Another well traveled friend also made a similar comment at a later date about the Montage at Deer Valley. Now, I really needed to find out what the hype is all about.

We will be staying at the Montage at Deer Valley for the first week in March.

I’m not going to sugar coat it, the Montage is mind blowing expensive. The kind of expensive that makes you say: “Excuse me, did you say it costs (fill in the blank with the highest number you can think of) or did I hear that wrong ? Dear God, please tell me that I heard that wrong.” You did not hear it wrong my friend. It really costs that much.

Stay tuned as to whether the Montage lives up to the hype and the price, as you know I will give it to you straight! I am counting on being blown away 🙂

2- Hard Rock Biloxi : The Platinum Building

Hard Rock Biloxi Platinum Building

Since Hurricane Katrina, Biloxi has had an influx of development. Among them is a Jimmy Buffet themed casino and hotel, along with an addition to the existing Hard Rock. The Hard Rock has just completed the platinum building that hosts 154 new hotel rooms.

I am not a frequent visitor to Biloxi even though its not far from home. We just don’t particularly love smoky casinos.

However, Jennifer Nettles of Sugarland is performing at the Hard Rock which is enough for me to inhale all the smoke they can puff for one night!

I have previously weathered a torrential down-pour in Orange Beach Alabama to keep my place for the meet & greet for Jennifer Nettles. I have some really kinky curly hair so those of you who know me, this was no small sacrifice on my part. Was it worth it? Still not sure. The wet hair & wait might have been better spent in dryer places with friends….just sayin 🙂 Can we say Re-do in Biloxi? Hint Hint….

Jennifer Nettles Chic Family Travels

We are attending the Jennifer Nettles concert and pre-concert sound check via our VIP tickets. Pinch me!!!

Oh yeah, I will also cover the new hotel tower at the Hard Rock in Biloxi. Stay tuned.

3- Orange Beach Alabama staycation for the summer

As always, we will be spending the vast majority of our summer on the beach in Orange Beach Alabama. If you have not already read my article on why Alabama’s beaches kick butt then click here. Alabama’s beaches really should be on your travel bucket list for 2014. Alabama’s beaches are still relatively undiscovered and a hidden beach gem.

I am a wanderer at heart so I will ultimately complain about being stationary, but the view makes up for it 🙂 Plus, I have a really big trip planned for the last part of summer!

Orange Beach Alabama

4- Disney European Cruise

Disney Cruise Europe

This is our BIG BIG BIG trip for 2014, and I am beyond excited. I cannot wait to experience Spain, Italy & France with my girls while the little man has a blast hanging out with Mickey for the week. I have never visited any of the places that the Disney Cruise will port, so we will be experiencing it all for the first time together.

First, we will be fly into Barcelona for a 2 night stay. Even better I was able to score Delta business elite seats for our entire family!!!! I will be writing a full review on the coveted fully lie flat seat experience on Delta. Hopefully, we wont get kicked out. I’m not kidding. It could get interesting, as I’m known as Amy Dunkin from Good Luck Charlie in these parts of the woods.

I have heard that Barcelona is an amazing destination, and we have so many places that we want to see in our short 2 night stay there. If you know me, I will pack it all in! Here we come Sagrada Familia, La Ramblas, and whatever else you have to show us Barcelona!

The Disney European Cruise goes to some really exciting ports such as Monte Carlo/Cannes France, Florence Italy, Rome Italy, and Capri.

5. Spice Island Grenada

Spice Island Grenada

Well, they were voted #3 in the US News and Reports  2014 Best Resorts List. Not too shabby.

I love a good challenge, so we are going to check em out in November of 2014! I’m expecting to concur 🙂 #justanaveragetraveler


 Here are some travel destinations that we would like to add to our travel bucket list for 2014.

1- Carlisle Bay Antigua

Carlisle Bay

One of our favorite resorts is Carlisle Bay in Antigua. Carlisle Bay’s 10 year birthday is this year, which also brings a refurbishment of all the beach suites and a new adult-only restaurant. I want to check it out.

Not only do we want to see the unveiling of the new digs, but we want to go back to spend more time training with the Carlisle Bay tennis pro. As you know, my girls are competitive tennis players and Carlisle Bay has one of the best tennis programs in the Caribbean. On top of that, they have a great kids program for my little man.

2- Harbour Island Bahamas

Harbour Island has been on my bucket list for several years now. I am hoping that 2014 is the year that it actually happens! Its not just because of the pink sand beaches or the fact that India Hicks lives there. It is also because the small 3 mile island’s transportation of choice is golf carts instead of cars and the palm tree lined streets are dotted with colorful Bahamian cottages. We also want to see how it measures up to Hopetown in the Abacos.

Harbour Island Bahamas

3- My Collage of “Doable” Travel Destinations for 2014

Let’s face it, I have a severe case of wanderlust so almost any destination is on my travel bucket list! However, I have 3 minor complications named Evelyn, Claire and Murray.

It’s not easy to plan travel when you have 3 kids who are active in school and after-school activities. Also, I am one of those strange moms who truly does not like to leave their kids or take one and leave the others. Not that I don’t think it would be incredibly relaxing, because I have done it and know that it is. I just prefer to have my entire brood with me at all times. Daniel & I steal alone time by having Evelyn babysit a couple of nights on every vacation we take. It works for us.

I am acutely aware that our family of 5 will not be able to visit all my travel bucket list destinations for 2014. Thus, I decided to put together a collage of “doable” travel destinations. “Doable” meaning it could happen, but it very well might move to my 2015 travel bucket list.

A girl can dream!

Palm Beach Florida : 

Why? Because I want to see how the other half lives and stay at the iconic Breakers hotel.

Nevis :

Why? Because I want to stay at a Four Seasons Resort in the Caribbean.


Why? Because they say Paris is always a good idea, and I am an easy sell.

New York City:

Why? Because I want to continue our tradition of taking the girls to the U.S. Open Women’s Finals. This time I want to have better seats! I also want to take the girls to a Fashion Week show that typically occurs at the same time as the US Open.

St Barts:

Why? Because Hotel Guanahani is the only hotel on my list of top resorts for families with a toddler that I have not stayed. I also want to see what all the hype is about. I’m starting to wonder if there is more hype than substance 🙂


Why? Because they say its better than Costa Rica, and there is a new 5 star resort named Mikul.

O.k., I am going to stop here because this list could get really long!

If you think I have missed at hot travel destination that should be on our travel bucket list for 2014, PLEASE leave me a comment! I am always looking for inspiring ideas.







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