Luxury Vacation Deals

How To Get A Deal On A Luxury Vacation

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How To Get A Deal On A Luxury Vacation


Luxury Vacation Deals

I have long been known among friends and family as the master of finding out how to get a deal on a luxury vacation, even before I had this travel blog gig.

I’ve always had champagne taste, and we were on a beer budget in the early days. Thus, I would scour the internet for hours to find luxury vacation deals. There are a ton of vacation booking websites out there, and its easy to get overwhelmed.

Most everyone knows to check expedia, travelocity, and similar websites for rates and pricing.

However, I have never found any of those well known booking websites to have rates much lower than the hotel itself. For me, it’s not worth the risk of booking through a third party to save a couple of bucks if any. All that changed in 2010, when I was looking for a deal at Scrub Island in the British Virgin Islands.

I honestly hate to disclose my best kept secret on how to get a deal on a luxury vacation, because I kinda like being the “master.” Oh well, here ya go. The best place to get a luxury vacation deal is trip advisor .

Trip Advisor allows you to search hundreds of hotels in one location at a time. I can personally attest to the crazy amount of money you will save by booking your  vacation through Trip Advisor, because we have done it.

In fact, our vacation at Scrub Island was booked through Trip Advisor.




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