Lubbers Landing

Lubbers Quarters Is Our Next Travel Destination….Where Is That Again ?

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Lubbers Quarters Is Our Next Travel Destination ….Where Is That Again ?

Lubbers Landing

Have you ever heard of Lubbers Quarters in the Bahamas? We had not either, until recently when some friends of ours told us about “the most amazing little island in the Abacos Bahamas.” Of course this statement sparked my interest, so I asked for more information on this little hidden gem of a beach destination.

Lubbers Quarters is located between Elboy Cay and Marsh Harbour, and about 3 miles south of Hopetown. Now, I had actually heard of Hopetown because some of my boater friends (actually I should say “yachter friends”) have talked about this Bahamian town. Thus, I now had a vantage point for where Lubbers Quarters is located.

As our friends continued to describe a sleepy little Bahamian island that has only one resort (although I am not sure you can really call it a “resort”) named Lubbers Landing and the convenience of Lubbers Landing for island hopping in the Abacos, my wanderlust went into full gear.

We can’t wait to tell you what we discover about Lubbers Quarters and the neighboring Abacos islands. Our only source of transportation for our 5 day stay at Lubbers Landing will be a 21 ft center console 🙂 Oh yeah, I forgot to mention that we will be kid-less which gives me a lot of anxiety! Even so, I know that a mom and dad getaway is much needed and I plan on enjoying every bit of it.

Hasta La Vista Baby!

Tamala PrickettLubbers Quarters Is Our Next Travel Destination….Where Is That Again ?