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Montage Deer Valley: How The “Other Half” Vacations

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Montage Deer Valley: How The “Other Half” Vacations

Montage Deer Valley


Montage Deer Valley Residences

In the past, I have half-jokingly made the comment: “Now, I know how the other half lives!” For example, I made that comment on our vacation at Little Dix Bay and when we flew private
for the first time.

No, I don’t fly private regularly so don’t get too excited. You will most likely find me in line with the rest of the coach bound passengers who are being treated like a herd of cattle by the rude airline staff.

Yes, American Air, I’m talking to you!

After returning from our Montage Deer Valley vacation, I found myself saying to friends and family: “Now, I really know how the other half vacations.” What makes the Deer Valley Montage fit within the category of where one imagines only the uber-rich and famous vacation?

It’s more than a swanky hotel room, perfect location or even the over the top amenities. It’s attention to detail and how the Montage Deer Valley staff treats its guests. This is true for everyone working at the Montage, down to the dish dryers at the Vista Lounge. (This story deserves another post so more on that later)

For example, it’s the humidifiers that the turn-down staff have strategically placed and turned on for your convenience in each room.


It’s the homemade, exotic chocolates waiting at your bedside table each night AFTER you have already indulged in roasting a smore with a homemade marshmallow of at least six different flavors. I’m not kidding. My scale can prove it.

Montage Deer Valley Smores

Roasting Smores Montage

Montage Deer Valley Smores

It’s the comfiest robes that you can imagine and one for every member of the family, no matter how small.

Montage Deer Valley Family Travel

It’s the Deer Valley Montage Mercedes Benz private cars and shuttles that will take you anywhere you want to go in Deer Valley or Park City.

Montage Deer Valley Mercedes Transportation

Don’t panic, the picture above does not mean that the Deer Valley Montage isn’t ski in ski out. The Montage shuttle is mostly for parents who are dropping off their kids at ski school at the base of Deer Valley. The Montage is ski in ski out, and if your kid can ski then I would recommend just skiing with them to ski school.

Although, I would not recommend the method pictured below. It took me 2 hours, and a long massage to recover.

Deer Valley Montage Reviews

Also, the Montage Deer Valley SUV black Mercedes complimentary service is quite handy when you have a dinner party at a friend’s house with way too much good red wine. I was over-served that evening so I don’t have a picture to prove it 🙂

Enough about me! Back to why the Montage at Deer Valley is where the “other half” vacations.

It’s the super cute boot boy that happily puts on your boots and takes them off. Not to mention, the outdoor ski valet who does not dare watch you try to pop your ski boot off with your ski pole. He has is foot on your ski boot quicker than you can say …”service.”

Montage Deer Valley Ski Valet

It’s the on-site tubing hill that the Deer Valley Montage staff gladly holds your 3 yr old until he is ready to go, and drags that damn tube back up the hill as many times as he wants. You are a better man/woman/person than me! I would have made him drag it himself. It’s life skills people! No one is going to drag your crap when you are 20 years old so get used to it! That is my motto at least.

Montage Deer Valley Tubing

It’s the fire pit that is strategically placed adjacent to the tubing hill so the parents can stay warm while that sweet Peruvian drags my now “bratty kid’s” tube up the hill. I plan on reversing this spoilage pronto. Don’t worry.

Montage Deer Valley Tubing Hill

It’s the bowling alley attendant that clearly smells the spoils of sibling rivalry, and keeps his mouth shut when he takes off Claire’s ski boot and offers her a fresh pair of complimentary socks. I’ll make this long story short just below.


Montage Deer Valley Bowing Alley

I peaked your interest didn’t I?

Well, Claire was being “mean” to Murray the previous evening. You know, typical sister/brother stuff.

Murray (3 yrs old) woke up the next morning and secretly found her ski boot and…well…. he peed in it. I don’t know how to say it nicely because that’s exactly what happened. It slowed down our last day of pampering and skiing at the Montage Deer Valley, but he is so dang cute that I could not stay mad.

I also can’t stay mad because he is pretty smart, right?! Not that I encouraging peeing in a ski boot, but if you are 3 years old, your revenge tactics are limited!

Sibiling Revenge No Words

Montage Deer Valley Blog Review

I have to throw in a few Montage Deer Valley Residence pictures, because this place was off the charts. Daniel & I literally told the kids that its all down hill from here.

Deer Valley Residences

Private hot tub & firepit anyone? If you book one of the Montage Deer Valley Residences then you might be lucky enough to have this patio.

Montage Deer Valley Residences

Montage Deer Valley Snowing

Try and take this smile off our faces!

Montage Deer Valley Review

Evelyn could not believe that we were blessed with this amazing vacation at Montage Deer Valley and the fantabulous view. This was my quick snap of her good-bye.

Montage Deer Valley View

Disclosure: Chic Family Travels received a generous press rate for our visit to the Montage at Deer Valley. It was by no means free, and it did not affect any of the opinions in my article. My kids don’t know what it costs, and they vote for going back next year to the Montage. Enough said.

Deer Valley 2014

Also, check with Trip Advisor because they often have lower rates and discounted hotel rooms at the Montage in Deer Valley!

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