The Portofino Bay Hotel Rooms Get A Facelift !

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Portofino Bay Hotel Rooms Get A Facelift

Universal Portofino Bay Rennovated Rooms

Chic Family Travels just got back from the Portofino Bay hotel at Universal Orlando, and we loved the remodeled rooms!

We actually had booked a kids suite at the Hard Rock at Universal, but quickly decided that the Hard Rock was not for us. Admittedly, we arrived at the Hard Rock prior to the 4pm check in time. The Hard Rock front desk hostess was pleasant, but VERY young and obviously not schooled in hospitality. I acknowledged that we were early and asked if there was anyway she could request our room to possibly be cleaned prior to the 4pm check in time. She said that she would and sent us on our way to the club lounge to wait. We spent about 3 hours in the Hard Rock club lounge with our 3 very tired, bored and aggravated kids, and never saw the club lounge attendant after our initial entry. We did see more VERY young staff, this time with tattoos and nose rings, doing everything BUT ask us how we were doing or if there was anything they could do for us. I went down to the front desk for the 3rd time to ask if our room was possibly ready, and the same girl looked at me as if she had never laid her eyes on me a day in her life and gave me the same spill about the room is not guaranteed until 4pm. I finally had to request to speak to a supervisor (which I almost never do), and she suddenly discovered that the room could miraculously be ready in 10 minutes! I had enough at that point, and requested to have a kids suite at the Portofino Bay where I knew the club lounge would not be full of tattooed teenagers 🙂

We were pleased to find out that the Portofino Bay rooms had recently been remodeled and rennovated. They definitely now fit the luxury label that Universal puts on the Portofino Bay hotel. We had a kids suite at the Portofino Bay, and the kids room had not been remodeled. I honestly don’t think it needs it! The Portofino Bay has plans to remodel the kids suite rooms in a Despicable Me theme.

Portofino Bay Kids Suite

Portofino Bay Kids Suite

This is our second time to visit Universal and stay at the Portofino Bay hotel. If you want thumping DJ music by the pool, and 19 year old tattoo artists serving you in the club lounge then definitely stay at the Hard Rock. Otherwise, you should definitely stay at the Portofino Bay for the best luxury hotel experience at Universal in Orlando.

Thing 2 and Thing 3 had a blast and honestly could have cared a less about my hotel snobbiness 🙂

Thing 2 and Thing 3

Thing 2 and Thing 3



Tamala PrickettThe Portofino Bay Hotel Rooms Get A Facelift !