Seaside Florida Half Marathon – fun weekend despite a bad race time for this chic running mama.

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Seaside Florida Finish Line



O.k., let’s start this post off with the fact that I am competitive by nature. I wish that I were not! It drives me crazy and my life would be a lot simpler if I were not so dang hard on myself. I love to run and have been running since I was 18 years old. Until 4 years ago, I only ran short distance races, nothing longer than a 10k. I have placed in the top 3 in a couple of races, and loved being at the top of my game. Then, I decided to run my first half marathon in 2009. I quickly learned that I am not a long distance runner. It’s just not my thing. Nonetheless, I finished with a respectable time of 1:42 and a 7:50 min/mile pace. Fast forward to 2013, and let’s just say that each year my half marathon pace keeps getting worse. This year, I barely finished under 2 hours with a 8:59 min/mile pace. YIKES!!! I can’t believe that I put that time in writing. I think it might be time to hang up my shoe strings for running half marathons.


Nah, I’ll give it one  more shot before I hang it up. Here I come Seaside 2014! Watch out because I have something to prove to myself!

Now, lets talk about the good stuff! The Seaside Half Marathon is ideally set in the quaint beach town of Seaside Florida. Chic Family Travels booked a Seaside Fl condo overlooking the amphitheater for the convenience on race day. The “Beach Time 2” condo balcony literally overlooked the finish line and the after-race festivities.

Beach Time 2 Condo Balcony View in Seaside Florida



The Beach Time 2 condo had a lot of nice amenities such as a fireplace (AWESOME for this chilly weekend in Seaside), steam shower, and large ocean view balcony.The condo had two bedrooms and an additional set of bunk beds in the hallway. It was a perfect size for a family of 5.  The Chic Family owns a beach house within 1 mile of Seaside Florida. Check into the Bungalow for an affordable and very nice accommodation near Seaside Florida Bungalow at Seagrove Rental  The Seagrove Bungalow was booked this year so we rented a condo in Seaside that was NOT affordable 🙂

Beach Time 2 Condo Bunks in the Hallway

Beach Time 2 Condo in Seaside Florida

Tamala PrickettSeaside Florida Half Marathon – fun weekend despite a bad race time for this chic running mama.