Spear Fishing in the Abacos

Spear Fishing In the Abacos With Wives

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Once upon a time, a lady went on a much needed romantic vacation with her loving husband. The loving wife and loving husband were having a fabulously perfect day on the isle of Guana Cay in the Bahamas, when the husband transformed into a barbaric creature and insisted on spear fishing for dinner.

The ‘loving wife’ obliged with the fantasy of a new and exciting experience with her life partner. Suddenly, and without any forewarning, the loving wife was told that her place in this life changing experience was to drive the boat while the ‘loving husbands’ speared for dinner.

Say whaaaa??!!!

Be careful for what you wish for ‘loving husbands. If you leave two ‘loving wives’ in charge of  the vessel of the Atlantic Sea with nothing more than a bottle of champagne, then you will get the following:

Spear Fishing in the Abacos


The good news is that our ‘loving husbands’ actually speared a few fish and lobster for dinner.

However, the ‘loving husbands’ should not have rushed the ‘loving wives’ to save them from the sharks of the sea that were swarming for the bloody fish they had speared.

As the ‘loving wives’ had recently enjoyed a bottle of champagne out of sheer boredom due to your barbaric instincts.

Lesson learned big boys…..just sayin 🙂

(Note: Fear and Panic not portrayed in iphone photo.)

Abaco Spear Fishing

Spear Fishing Abacos

The ‘loving wives” adore lobster and champagne. However, the ‘loving wives’ think a Red Lobster reservation for 5 would be quicker and safer. On a side note, Red Lobster also has cheese biscuits.  Our ‘loving husbands” would have lived to see another day, and get a cheese biscuit. Can we say “score?!”

You make the choice…..barbaric men. Lobster Diving in the Abacos

Tamala PrickettSpear Fishing In the Abacos With Wives