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7 Things You Need To Do In the Abacos

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7 Things You Need To Do In The Abacos

Things to Do in the Abacos


We just returned from our 3rd trip to the Abacos in the Bahamas, which made me think its time update my old post about “Things to do in the Abacos.”

Since my first visit to the Abacos, I have discovered some new things to do and a few that are no longer on the list! For the most part, I was on the money in my original Abacos bucket list post.

For starters, you can’t go to the Abacos without renting a boat to visit neighboring islands, reefs, restaurants and bars!

#1 Thing To Do In the Abacos is Rent a Boat

Things to do abacos

First of all, you need a boat to get anywhere the Abacos.

Unless you are perfectly satisfied being landlocked on an island 3 miles long with a couple of restaurants at most, get a boat!

You will likely fly into Marsh Harbour where you will pick up your boat rental. From there you will go to whichever island in the Abacos you choose to stay. Don’t forget to shop for groceries first! This is only real chance to shop for groceries in a store that is larger than your grandmother’s outdoor freezer. Just Sayin…

My TOP ADVICE on renting a boat in the Abacos is to NEVER RENT FROM RAINBOW RENTALS! Its not fun or safe to navigate the Sea of Abaco without a working GPS, VHF, or engine trim tab.

Ever heard the saying: “Get what you get and don’t throw a fit ?” Well, the owner of Rainbow Rentals in Marsh Harbour takes this approach beyond the pre-school lunch table.

I won’t bore you with the details, but the owner of Rainbow Rentals literally told us to “kiss her ass.”  Classy huh ?

We rented from Blue Wave Rentals in Marsh Harbour on our previous two visits and had no complaints. Please do yourself a favor, and book your boat ahead of time so you don’t end up in our situation.

 #2 Visit Grabbers and Nippers

Like I said, some things don’t change! This was our first time actually staying on Guana Cay, and Grabbers along with Nippers are still the best beach bars in the Abacos.

They have decidedly different vibes, so choose wisely. Nippers is known for their “Sunday Sunday” party complete with a pig roast. You will see a lot of dancing and partying at Nippers, and I’m sure nudity is not unheard of! I have not seen any, but they say it can get a little cray cray at times.

We took our kids to Nippers on this trip, and it was totally PG rated.

On the other hand, Grabbers is known to almost always have a chill atmosphere. You will likely find yourself swaying in a hammock on the Sea of Abaco after having a Bahamian chicken in the bag for lunch. Don’t worry, they also serve rum punch 🙂

#3 Spend an afternoon anchored at Tahiti Beach

Abacos Bahamas


Tahiti Beach on Elbow Cay has one of the most beautiful beaches in the world. Many boaters anchor around the shallow waters and sand bars near Tahiti Beach.

Tahiti Beach Elbow Cay

On a previous trip, we went conching in the grass beds near Tahiti Beach and Tillo Cut. Which leads me to the 4th thing to do in the Abacos!

#4 Go Conching & Lobster Diving

During this trip to the Abacos, we went conching near Scotland Cay. We did not go with a guide, but Chris Albury with Sotheby’s real estate often takes groups on conching and lobster spear fishing trips. If you book a trip with Chris, tell him that the Prickett’s sent you!


Lobster was not in season during our trip to the Abacos, but I still have lobster diving on my bucket list. Everyone says its a lot of fun, and the Abacos is known for being one of the best places to dive for lobsters.

#5 Go Deep Sea Fishing

We are the deep sea fishing losers. You know those people who go to Costa Rica to fish, and get nothing. Unless you count a noodle fish…..I don’t.

We did not have to much faith in the outcome of our deep sea fishing trip in Guana Cay. Evelyn brought her summer reading, and I had a pile of trash magazines. You get the idea.

Well Jesus parted the sea, and Chic Family Travels caught Tuna in the Bahamas!

Deep Sea Fishing Abacos
Email Ricky Sands on Guana Cay for a great fishing trip.rckysands@aol.com and tell him that the Prickett’s sent you!

6- Visit Man-o-War Cay and Bring Cash

Buying a canvas bag from the Albury sail shop on Man-O-War Cay is like buying you entry fee to the “Abacos Frequent Visitor” club.

I had previously purchased bags for my kids, but I quickly learned that everyone who loves the Abacos has one of these bags. Just look around at the carry ons from Miami to Marsh Harbour.

It is also a conversation starter when you are not in the Abacos. My kids get stopped every now & then by the well heeled traveler who notices the badge on the bag.

Watch our Abacos Trip Experience video and you will see what the shop and the bag looks like. I have two words of wisdom for this trip. The first is to not be offended when the ladies who work there don’t speak to you. They are sewing! Second, bring cash.

7- Swim with Pigs….or not


Admittedly, this might not be on my list of things to do in the Abacos if my kids did not beg me to do it.

I am also here to set the record straight about “swimming with pigs” in the Bahamas. Apparently, there are pigs that swim in the Exumas. I would not know because I have not swam with those hogs yet. (haha…I humor myself sometimes) Anyway, the pigs in the Abacos are not known to swim.

Yes, they are wild pigs on a uninhabited island in the Abacos. Yes, they will eat right out of your hand if your brave enough (bring fruit). No, they have not learned how to swim (yet).

The pigs are located on No Name Cay….not kidding. If you are coming from Hopetown or Guana Cay, its not for sissies. You have to pass Whale Cay which has shallow areas that would easily cause you to have an accident. Likewise, the Whale Cay passage is known for rough tides and large waves coming in from the Atlantic. We did not experience the latter, but the shallow areas is no joke.

It did not help that our Rainbow Rental boat did not have a freaking GPS 🙁 Did I mention that you should NEVER rent from them? We downloaded a nautical app on our phone for this trip.

Lastly, I need to mention that our previous post on Things to Do in the Abacos covered a few things not on this post, so definitely check it out. We visited Bakers Bay on Guana Cay as documented in that article. However, Bakers Bay has since closed the gates and marina to non-members.

If you liked my article and found it useful, please comment below! Compliments are my only pay 🙂  Also, if you know of additional things to do in the Abacos let us know!



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