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  3. Katie

    I came across a review from you when I was checking out Scrub Island which led me to your BLOG. I am trying to plan an anniversary trip for next dec./jan. and am having some trouble deciding where to go. I have looked at Turks and Caicos, St. Lucia or the USVI and BVI’s. I am contacting you to see if you could provide some insight! For instance, I am considering The Ritz on St.Thomas and looked at Scrub Island Resort as well. We probably will do a 7-night trip. Would it be feesible to spend time at each since you can get to Scrub from St. Thomas? Or would we be better off sticking to one hotel and doing plenty of sight-seeing? Did you presonally like one over the other? For right now we are looking at traveling early December 2012. A long ways off but I am sneaking in a NY trip in the Fall (for the marathon there) and also plan to hit Boston in the Spring of 2013. So we are trying to come up with some places to stay for the anniversary trip early especially since we will be using frequent flyer miles to book our flights. Sorry for the LONG version of my travel planning! Maybe you can see why I need some help:)

    1. Chic Family Travels

      Hi Katie,

      Congratulations on your anniversary trip! I have stayed at Scrub Island and the Ritz in St Thomas and they are both nice but very different. Scrub Island is going to be much quieter and less crowded. In my opinion, Scrub Island is more romantic and exclusive. However, it costs quite a bit more to fly into Tortola so you have to take that into consideration. If you decide to stay at the Ritz in St Thomas then I would highly recommend staying on the Club Level. You will enjoy your vacation so much more! The club level at the Ritz in St Thomas is fabulous and well worth the extra money it cost to stay there. The bar area is self serve so you can make an otherwise $10 cocktail at your leisure. Also, you will be able to enjoy breakfast and for the “light eaters” lunch as well. The dinner appetizers also filled us up a couple of times on a 7 night stay.

      I personally prefer the British side of the Virgin Islands because we like to Island Hop. There is nothing to island hop too in the USVI side. Thus, you will have to go through customs when visiting the BVI islands each time. This is a real pain and costs a surcharge.

      The other advantage of Scrub Island is its proximity to the Baths in Virgin Gorda as well as a snorkeling reef within kayaking distance. Also, the dive shop onsite at Scrub Island has affordable excursions to numerous locations. I could go on and on! I would love to help you plan your vacation as I am a travel agent. Just let me know if I can help! If I have one piece of advice, it is that you should spend your time on a boat visiting the local islands in the BVI’s. You can email me at TamPrickett@yahoo.com

  4. Deepak

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  5. loren

    Hi! I ran across your blog during my extensive honeymoon research! Would you also recommend Carlisle Bay to honeymooners?

    1. Author
      Chic Family Travels

      I would definitely recommend Carlisle Bay for honeymooners. Carlisle Bay does a great job of separating the families from the couples. The only time you will run into the families is at the restaurants and mostly at breakfast and lunch. At dinner, most of the families leave their little ones in the room with nannies and this is encouraged by the resort. You will love Carlisle Bay! Definitely try to book when they have the all-inclusive option as it is very expensive otherwise. It is worth it, trust me.
      Tamala Prickett

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  7. michelle brown

    hi there,
    I’m sitting in snow Washington, D.C. planning a family trip to Scrub next February…many thanks for your info. I will also have a 16 month old little one and two older kids as well – did you get a regular room for nanny or do a 2 bed suite? Also, wondering if you would share charter boat company and rate that you used to get you to Scrub from St. Thomas.

    Very much looking forward to using many of your tips.

    We’re heading to Cheeca Lodge in Islamorada, FL in a few weeks…mama needs some sunshine.

    thanks again,

    1. Author
      Chic Family Travels

      Hello Michelle,

      I had an additional room for our nanny, but we only had a one bedroom. I would suggest a 2 bedroom suite so that you can be adjacent to each other. I would not recommend the charter boat company that we used. In fact, we cancelled the
      charter back and just suffered through the double ferry ordeal. I would recommend doing a web search for private boat charters from St. Thomas to Tortola. There are couple of companies out there. The company we used was actually a day charter company and does not normally provide this type of service. Have fun at Scrub Island!

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