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My name is Tamala Prickett, a freelance luxury family travel writer and founder of Chic Family Travels. Daniel and I also own and manage luxury Alabama beach rentals. (which is how we pay the bills…in case you were wondering)

I began blogging about our family travels and family vacations due to my passion or as my husband would say, “obsession” with traveling.

For several years, I wrote articles about our family vacations with the thought that the only people who were reading it were my mother and hopefully my children one day.

I have discovered that more people than my mother are tuning in :

The Travel Channel chose Chic Family Travels as an Advisor for the 2015 Best Beach Awards

Flip Key recommended Chic Family Travels as one of the Top 25 Family Travel Bloggers

Chic Family Travels was voted one of the top 25 family blogs at Circle of Moms

Can I just say…WOW! Thank you, and WOW! I am doing the chicken dance as we speak.

I’m not kidding.

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