Best Credit Card Travel Rewards

I’ve Got a Secret: The Best Credit Card For Travel Rewards Right Now

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I’ve Got A Secret: The Best Credit Card For Travel Rewards Right Now


Best Credit Card Travel Rewards

A lot of you wonder how we travel so much, and no we did not win the lottery.  Yes, we work full time at our Alabama beach rental company which helps fork the travel bills.

Admittedly, a good portion of our family travel is comped due to the fact that I write tirelessly about the places where our family vacations. We only choose the good ones!

However, I have never once gotten a phone call or an email from an airline offering our family of 5 free flights to anywhere…..not once.

Well, it did happen once but the PR company paid for it and not the airline. Anyway, that only happened one time and I am not sitting by the phone waiting for another one of those phone calls if you get my drift.

It’s incredibly expensive to fly a family of 5 anywhere. Thus, I am always looking for the best credit card for airline and travel rewards.

Recently, we were on a family vacation and we stopped off at the Admirals club as usual. If you are flying American, it rocks for families traveling with kids. Think padded room, cartoons, computers, free cookies and free beer for the parents. I’m not exaggerating.

Admirals Lounge Kids

It beats this scene any day.

Traveling with Kids

Anyway, the Admirals Lounge attendant politely informed me that  Platinum American Express card holders will no longer have access as of March 21st 2014. Then, she handed me this little baby with a smile.

Citi Aadvantage Executive Credit Card

Here is the nuts and bolts as to why the Citi Aadvantage Credit Card is the best new card for travel rewards:

1- You will earn 100,000 miles after you spend $10,000 in 90 days. (It took us less than 30….I digress)

2- You will have access to the Admirals Lounge, and I have already told you why this rocks.

3- You will get priority check-in, even if you are not flying first class

4- You will get access to the priority screening lanes at security. This is priceless.

5- You will get priority boarding. I really don’t care about this, but you might.

6- You will get your first bag checked for free.

7- You will save 25% on all in-flight purchases.

8- You will earn 10,000 elite qualifying miles after you spend $40,000 the first calendar year.

Honestly, the REAL value in the Citi Aadvantage card is the 100,000 bonus miles. Seriously, that is enough mileage for me to buy 4 plane tickets and maybe 5. We signed up for 2 Citi Aadvantage Executive cards  so we will actually get 200,000 miles. Whohooo!!!!

NOTE: To my knowledge, Citi Aadvantage does not advertise this deal on their main site for the Executive card. The deal they advertise is for a 30,000 mile bonus only. I received the invitation card above to apply for the 100,000 bonus miles. However, anyone can call the number listed on the card above or visit this website to apply online.

Your welcome 🙂

*Disclaimer: The Citi Aadvantage Executive card costs $450 a year. However, they are offering a $200 statement credit for the first year. This is the same cost as the American Express Platinum card. I am keeping both for now. American Express needs to step up their game!

Tamala PrickettI’ve Got a Secret: The Best Credit Card For Travel Rewards Right Now

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