An Orange Beach Fishing Charter That Does It Right

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An Orange Beach Fishing Charter That Does It Right

Check out this Orange Beach fishing charter beauty. Her name is Annie Girl, and we fell in love at first sight. We were lucky enough to be invited for a 12 hr off-shore fishing trip on Annie Girl, a 63 ft fishing machine.

Let me first tell you that I hate hunting, bass fishing and anything else that requires you to be quiet, still or wait for unbearable periods of time. Sitting in a deer stand sounds and actually feels like Chinese water torture to me.

Deep sea fishing and especially “bottom fishing” is a different animal. It’s fast and furious! Music is pumping throughout the boat, no one is quiet, and occasionally someone breaks out into spontaneous dance. It’s really just a big party on a boat. Hence, the reason I love it.

We are no strangers to deep sea fishing as we take our center console boat out fishing with the kids. However, I have never been “glamour fishing” as I now call it. Others may refer to it as “gentlemen fishing.” I don’t care how you label it, if you can shower before you get back in the slip its my kind of a sport.

Annie Girl had something for everyone in our brood, even Murray and his buddy.

Orange Beach Charter Boat For Families

For me, it was the fact that everyone was happy! The girls loved the air conditioning in the huge salon. I mean who wouldn’t ?!

Daniel loved grilling on the boat while fishing. Again, who wouldn’t love this?!

Orange Beach Charter Boat

We ALL loved reeling in big fish!

Some of us were more dramatic about it than others…..

Did I mention that I got a nap and hot shower before we returned to the Orange Beach Al marina? Oh yeah, we did not have to clean a single one of these fish. Yup, I am sold on “glamour fishing.” ¬†Sorry Daniel, you invited me!


If you are looking for a kick-butt Orange Beach fishing charter, then check out Annie Girl. A full day fishing trip will set you back $3,200 plus tip for up to 12 people.

If you split it among 12 people, it does not sound so bad.

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Tamala PrickettAn Orange Beach Fishing Charter That Does It Right