The Easter Bunny Is Headed To Telluride !

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Chic Family Travels will be hitting the slopes in Telluride Colorado over this Easter holiday. My 8 year old has already questioned whether the Easter Bunny will visit them in Telluride on more than one occasion. She has also asked me : “Are you the Easter Bunny Mom?” Of which I replied : “Of course not! I can’t bring Easter gifts to all the kids in the world in just one night!”

This led me not only forewarn all of my older nephews and nieces to not “Out the Bunny” in Telluride, but it also made me do some pre-Easter shopping and packing. I knew that if I bought a bunch of Easter gifts in Telluride that she might get onto what the Bunny was doing. Thus, I shopped for all of their Easter gifts prior to our trip. Packing an Easter Basket can be tricky people! I bought some soft collapsable Easter Baskets from Target for $2.50 each. They are horribly ugly but the kids only care about what are in them, right?

Check our our Easter secret suitcase! Shhh! It’s a secret!


Tamala PrickettThe Easter Bunny Is Headed To Telluride !

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