The Top 5 Travel Toys for Toddlers And My Favorite Toddler Travel Tip For Flying!

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My Top 5 Travel Toys for Toddlers :

  1. Portable DVD : I have learned the hard way that not all airlines have entertainment after a painful 4 hour flight on US airways. Also, many airlines still have the overhead entertainment which is not toddler friendly. Thus, I invested in a portable DVD player and child size headphones. It might only buy us an hour, but I’ll take what I can get!
  2. Wikki Sticks : These bendable wax sticks provide tons of fun and endless options for your toddler to create whatever his or her little imagination can come up with! They are also activity sets that come with these wikki sticks on Amazon. You can check one of them out here
  3. Reusable Sticker Books: Who knew? Yes, they do exist and work quite well. The stickers are reusable as are the sticker books which provide for a lot endless sticking!
  4. Play Doh Sets: O.K, I know that play doh can be messy but it still one of my favorite travel toys because of how many things you can do with Play Doh. I always buy a new play doh set that my toddler has not seen before we get on the flight. We will be making some play doh breakfest feasts on our next trip!
  5. Take apart Building Sets: Admittedly, this travel toy is better for a boy toddler than a girl toddler. I have a boy so it makes the list! I like these building sets because there is a “project” involved that can take the toddler several times to figure out. I bought the take apart and build airplane for our travels to St. Vincent in Feb. Take a look at it here

Note: If I had a girl toddler, my number 5 travel toys would be Polly Pockets!

I am about to give you my favorite toddler travel tip. It’s a good one so get ready!

Buy new toys for your toddler prior to the trip, and do NOT let your toddler see them before getting on the airplane. Wrap a new toy for each hour your toddler will be traveling. A wrapped toy per hour on the plane is the best travel tip I was ever given. So there you go! Give it a whirl and let me know how it works out for you.

Tamala PrickettThe Top 5 Travel Toys for Toddlers And My Favorite Toddler Travel Tip For Flying!