Luxury Resorts With Kids Clubs For Toddlers Under 3

  Luxury Resorts with Kids Clubs For Toddlers

Chic Family Travels is on a mission to find luxury resorts for toddlers under 3, meaning luxury resorts that provide kids clubs or childcare for toddlers under 3 years old.  It seems like most kids clubs start at 5 years old, and a select few provide for potty-trained 3 year old children. Virtually no luxury resorts provide a kids club for toddlers under 3, unless it is a private babysitting service.

Now before you pass any judgment, we need child care for our toddler while on vacation in order to spend time with our older children doing activities that are not toddler-friendly.

For example, my husband and I just got our scuba certification with our 11 year old while on vacation in St. Vincent.  It was a memorable experience that my 11 year old will never forget and one that we simply could have not done if the St. Vincent resort we stayed at did not have a kids club for our 2 year old. We also took our daughters on a difficult hike to see the falls of Baleine. Again, we would have never been able to experience this excursion without the kids club for our toddler.


Falls of Baleine


Chic Family Travels knows that there are other resorts that provide childcare for little ones like Beaches and Club Med, but we want to stick with the luxurious, boutique, exclusive and luxury resorts that cater to multigenerational families that also understand the need the provide childcare and/or kids clubs for toddlers and babies.

Lets face it, it seems like once our kids get “easy” is when all of the luxury resorts begin to allow them to go to the kids club!

Now, I still love a good kids club for the older ones. However, it is MUCH easier to find. On that note, I personally recommend the kids club at the Atlantis.  The Atlantis kids club is amazing! My children attended Casino Night and Carnival Night at the Atlantis Kids Club and loved it. The Atlantis themed kids club activities are more like an over the top Beverly Hills birthday party than your typical kids club. My 10 year old even loved it, and that is saying ALOT. Nonetheless, the Atlantis does not allow children at the kids club until they are 3 years old and potty-trained. We are still impressed with this age bracket, but we are on a more difficult mission of finding kids club for our younger toddlers at luxury resorts.

I personally prefer a kids club for my 2 year old toddler over private babysitting or a nanny service while I am on vacation, and I will tell you why. First of all, we are limited in how many toys we can bring on vacation. It is a lot more fun for active toddlers to have access to additional toys during the day.

Also, it makes me feel better for my toddler to be watched in a kids club where there is more than one care-taker monitoring the children. Call me crazy, but I have seen those hidden camera videos of babysitters who mistreat precious little ones when no one else is watching. Also, I  have had a nightmare situation occur with a nanny that we took on vacation with us. It was a nanny that we had used several times previously. Without going into detail out of respect of the privacy of the person involved, let’s just say that I am hesitant to leave my toddler alone with only one person in charge now.

That is not to say that I will never use a private babysitting service, because I have had some great experiences with private babysitting services like Disney World for example.

I just prefer the kids club environment for my toddler while on vacation. Especially during the day, because some of the activities we want to do with our older children are not toddler-friendly.  This is exactly why I LOVE ski vacations. Most ski resorts provide childcare for children as young as 6 months old during the day.

Thus, I will begin my ” top 5 luxury resorts for toddlers “  list with mountain resorts.

Top Luxury Resorts With Child Care and/or Kids Clubs for Toddlers:

1: Mountain/Ski Resorts: Most Ski resorts provide childcare for children as young as 6 months old. Some, but not all of these ski resorts continue this service into the summer months. Some of the resorts that I found which offer this service year-around are Snowmass Colorado, Vail Colorado (30 months and older), Deer Valley Utah, Breckenridge Colorado, and now you get the idea. Check out the resort you want to visit and make sure they provide this service and what times of year it is offered.  Chic Family Travels recommends One Ski Hill Place in Breckenridge Colorado for an excellent summer getaway with babies and toddlers. Breckenridge offers year around childcare and the family fun park is located at the backdoor of One Ski Hill Place.


2: Carlisle Bay Antigua  : Carlisle Bay is a luxury resort in Antigua that has a kids club for children starting at 6 months! WOW! We give Carlisle Bay a double thumbs up for this service. The Carlisle Bay kids club is free for children 2 years old and older. The childcare is provided at the kids club and is not a private babysitting service. However, private babysitting services are provided after hours. Chic Family Travels was so impressed with Carlisle Bay that we are visiting for Thanksgiving 2012.

Chic Family Travels has recently reviewed Carlisle Bay, and voted it a top luxury resort for toddlers! Check out our Carlisle Bay Kids Club Review Here!

Carlisle Bay

3: Le Guanahani St Barts: Le Guanahani is a luxury resort in St Barts. Le Guanahani provides childcare starting at 2 years old, and it is complimentary. Chic Family Travels loves this toddler friendly perk. We have not planned a visit to Le Guanahani, but have a stay at Le Guanahani on our bucket list due to its complimentary creche for 2 year olds and older.

With that being said, I am hesitant to include Le Guanahani in this list. I included Le Guanahani only because it is one of the self-reported five star resorts that have kids club for toddlers under 3 years old.

I cannot personally attest to the quality of the Le Guanahani kids club program, because I have not been there.

I hope you appreciate my honesty 🙂 I would visit one of the other resorts on my list first, but definitely check them out.

4: Buccament Bay St Vincents and the Grenadines: Buccament Bay in St Vincents and the Grenadines is a luxury all-inclusive resort. The Harlequin Kids Club at Buccament Bay provides child care for all ages and is included in your stay. Chic Family Travel is so impressed with Buccament Bay that we are visiting in December 2012. P.S. – This is not your typical all-inclusive. Think Ritz Carlton, not Club Med.

Buccament Bay Kids club

Update: We have just returned from our vacation at Buccament Bay and posted a Buccament Bay review! Click here to read our Buccament Bay Review

5: I am still researching number five Top Luxury Resort for Toddlers under 3. Give me a break, its a difficult task!

If you have stayed at a Top luxury resort for toddlers under 3 and think it should be added to our top 5 list, then include your recommended luxury resort in the comments below! We hope that our list of  luxury resorts with kids clubs for toddlers and babies has been informative for planning your family family vacation. If so, please give Chic Family Travels a shout out on our facebook page for our luxury family travel blog.



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