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Watch A Great Polo Match In Alabama. (No, Really!)

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Watch A Great Polo Match In Alabama. (No, Really!)


Polo at the Point
No, we are not all rednecks in Alabama. In fact, some of us can appreciate dignified sports such as polo.

O.k., so I am partially lying. We are still football fanatics, and we would not even think of going to a polo match on the same day as an Alabama football game…..unless.

Bama Game At Polo at the Point Yes, we really brought a generator and a t.v. so we would not miss the Alabama football game during the polo match. Now, back to how incredibly sophisticated we are in Alabama and especially Point Clear Alabama.

There are two sides to watch the polo match, the tailgate side and for lack of better words, the fancy side. Obviously, our group opted for the tailgate side. Even so, we did our best to make our polo tent casually fabulous.

Weekend Waterford

Once again, my child photo bombs the picture. If you read my blog, then you are use to it by now.

High Cotton Tent at Polo at the Point

Now, we are going to venture over to the fancy side of Polo at the Point. There is always a lot of good hat spotting, thus we could not resist bringing our tailgating group over to the fancy side for a little while. Some hats were more fashionable than others. You make the decision on the polo fashion hits and the misses. (No, these are not in any particular order!) I plead the 5th, and if anybody asks, I liked them all!

Polo at the Point Fashion

Polo at the Point Fashion

This is how the Polo at the Point Tailgate fashionistas rolled.

Polo Tailgate Fashion

Polo Tailgate Fashion

Okay, the fancy side may have one-upped us with their tents at the polo match this year.

Polo Tent

Even though we were not on the fancy-side of the polo field, they still let us participate in the traditional half-time divot stomping and champagne. Even better, we did not have to do it in heels.

Divot Stomping Polo I bet you are wondering when I am going to talk about the polo match. Well, I’m not. If the truth be told, I don’t know anything about polo. However, I promise there are people in Alabama who do. In fact, there are probably some of my dear friends shaking their heads at me right now.

Sorry ‘polo friends,’ but I am just being honest. I am in no way a reflection on you or the other ‘knowledgeable polo people’ in Alabama. If it makes you feel better, I know absolutely nothing about football either!

The only thing that I took from this polo match, other than a good time, is that there is a really hot Argentine named Nacho who plays polo. What else do I need to know?

All kidding aside, Polo at the Point is a great yearly event that benefits many local charities. If you ever make it down to Point Clear Alabama in October, then be sure to grab your tickets to Polo at the Point here.

Tamala PrickettWatch A Great Polo Match In Alabama. (No, Really!)

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