Disney Europe Cruise Review

Disney European Cruise Review

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Disney European Cruise Review

Disney Europe Cruise Review

This was our second Disney European Cruise, and I still think that its one of the best ways to see Europe with children. I reviewed our experience cruising Europe on the Disney Magic in detail here and here.

Since I’ve already been through the ins and outs of a Disney European Cruise, I won’t re-hash the same details in this post. However, there have been a few changes on the Disney Magic that I think are important to point out. There are also some things that I noticed cruising with teenagers this go around.

First of all, Disney has sadly decided to put the half-size lounge chairs around all pools except the Adult Pool. I understand the reasoning behind this is to provide more room for passengers, but now no one is comfortable sitting by the pool!

They have also switched the cups at the soda machines to half size ones. This is a royal pain the you know what. You take two sips, and have to go back to fill it up! My advice would be to bring your own cups!

Lastly, Disney Cruise’s alcohol policy has changed. Last time, we were allowed to bring whatever we wanted on board. Now you can only bring 2 bottles of wine or a six pack of beer. You are not allowed to bring Liquor on any of the Disney Cruise ships.

My main beef with this policy is not the monetary affect it has on your cruise costs. I just don’t want to go to a bar every time I want a cocktail. I like sitting on my balcony after a long day of touring, and enjoying a cocktail. Furthermore, I am the only one who knows how to make it the way I like it! As a grown ass adult, I feel like this should be my right. Just saying.

Also, I noted that most of the activities around the ship were either for adults only or children ages 12 and younger. Its true that they have clubs for teenagers, but mine didn’t want to go to them. We discovered that there really wasn’t anything for them to do other than pool activities and the movie theatre.

I know this sounds like a really negative review of the Disney European Cruise, but overall we really enjoyed it. I’ve already written a review of all the good things about cruising Europe with Disney here. Also, this Disney European Cruise review provides valuable information for the tour guides that we used both times.

My daughter, Evelyn, videoed our entire Disney European Cruise experience. Don’t forget to subscribe to our youtube channel!

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