Customizable Luggage

Customized Luggage At Its Finest

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Customized Luggage At Its Finest

Customizable Luggage

To be honest, I have never even thought about personalized or customized luggage until I was introduced to Ugobags.

I should have, because its a brilliant way to market your brand and know which freaking bag is yours to begin with. Seriously, how many times have you picked up someone’s luggage other than yours at the baggage claim?

Even though branding and recognition are my personal two favorite reasons for owning customized luggage, there are a ton of reasons that it would make a perfect gift to yourself or someone else. To name a few:

1- To Style Your Trip

Let’s face it, luggage is generally unattractive unless you have a Louis Vuitton collection. In any event, a Louis Vuitton piece cost a hell of a lot more than $200 last time I checked.

2- To Show Off A Family Photo

We just thought the photo t-shirt of the grand-kids was the perfect Christmas gift for Pam Paw!

Even if you are sold on the idea of customized luggage, I am sure that you want to know whether Ugobags has the quality to back it up. First of all, I have never owned a lighter piece of luggage. If you are traveling with children, the infamous 50 lb limit is a top priority. Our medium size bag weighs a mere 7 lbs, which means that my new Herve Ledger shoes make the cut. Score!

I was equally impressed with the TSA lock and the fully lined interior.

Customized Luggage

Customized Luggage Ugo

To be clear, Chic Family Travels received our Ugobag gratis. Nonetheless, our affection can’t be bought…….. unless it styles our trip.

Customized Travel Luggage

Thank you Ugobags for styling our trip! If you want to know more about UGO customized luggage, visit

Note: For a limited time you can join the Ugobags kickstarter program to reserve your customized luggage for a discounted price.

Tamala PrickettCustomized Luggage At Its Finest

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