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family resort reviews


Chic Family Travels  is on a mission to see the world, create family vacation memories, travel in style, and document our family resort reviews at Chic Family Travels. We love traveling abroad, but are acutely aware of the challenges of doing so with children. Not only are we writing family resort reviews from all over the world, but also giving advice on traveling with kids abroad.

We rarely leave our kids home and should more often than we do, but that is a whole different discussion.

Our family vacation ideas and family resort reviews come directly from our own fun family vacations.

Hubby and I are just two big kids, who love our children more than anything in life. I feel so blessed to be married to a man who wants nothing more than a happy family, even if it means entertaining my family travel passion. He would probably call it a family travel “obsession.”

Our goal is to discover and report the best family friendly resorts in the U.S. and abroad through our family resort reviews on our travel blog. We love to hear recommendations, so feel free to leave a comment about a family resort that you think we should review!

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