Hotel Madeline Telluride

Hotel Madeline Telluride Review.

Telluride is known for a lot of things, but luxury hotels is not one of them. The Ritz nor has the Four Seasons graced its presence in Telluride, but we have a secret! Hotel Madeline is a true luxury hotel that resides in the heart of Telluride’s mountain village. If you are yearning to shred one of the best mountains in Colorado, but don’t want to sacrifice the ever beloved ski valet then Hotel Madeline fits the bill for your family ski vacation.

Hotel Madeline is located at the heart of Telluride’s Mountain Village. It literally encompasses all sides of the mountain village, including the new ice-skating rink. Chic Family Travels loved that the ski school and day care was within steps of the Hotel Madeline. Surprisingly, Telluride caters to the youngest skiers. Wouldn’t have thought it would you? Telluride Ski School even has a program that allows diapered 2 1/2 year olds to take an hour private ski lesson as part of their day at the Telluride daycare. P.S.- That is my 30 year old brother’s ski suit from his first ski trip. Save those bibs ladies! haha!






















Okay, back to the ski valet at the Hotel Madeline. I “heart” a ski valet. It makes life so much easier, especially when you are skiing with children. There is nothing like walking down to the ski valet in socks to get your ski boots that have been dried and heated overnight. The ski valet is conveniently located at a ski-in ski-out location on Telluride’s mountain. The picture below is Chic Family Travels headed out for the day from the ski valet at Hotel Madeline. Okay, so I always give honest reviews so here ya go Hotel Madeline. Hotel Madeline lost a few luxury points when we realized that the ski valets were not as “present” as they were at the Viceroy in Snowmass. Your kids are on their own when it comes to putting on their boots and taking them off. Okay okay….I realize this is a snobby point and I certainly did not lose any sleep over it. It’s just something that I noticed when it comes it luxury ski valets ๐Ÿ™‚ Hey ski valet boys, the tips would be much better if you would help us out when we are trying to gear up 3 kids!

Hotel Madeline Ski Valet- Telluride

Hotel Madeline Ski Valet- Telluride













Hotel Madeline Telluride has a hotel/condo concept similar to the Viceroy in Snowmass in that they offer condos with hotel services. This is a brilliant concept for family ski vacations in that a family of 5 just is not going to fit into a hotel room for a week. We thoroughly enjoyed the space of our Hotel Madeline 2 bedroom condo. The bedrooms were huge and there were also literally 2 master baths. The only difference in the bathrooms were the heated floors and steam shower in the master bathroom and no complaints here!

Hotel Madeline Telluride Condo Picture

Hotel Madeline Telluride Condo Picture



The Hotel Madeline condo kitchen and living area were equally luxurious and spacious. This is the part that I just love about the condotel concept…..and its called “daily housekeeping.” Who wants to clean the kitchen on their vacation? Not this chic traveling mamma! Hotel Madeline offers daily housekeeping in your condo whether it be a suite, 1 bedroom or 3 bedroom. Below is a picture of the Hotel Madeline kitchen AFTER the housekeepers came ๐Ÿ™‚






















We also enjoyed the fact that the lobby area of Hotel Madeline offered lemon-infused water and hot chocolate all day and night for the kids. Evelyn was a little over-excited about the whip cream readily available for her hot chocolate at Hotel Madeline in Telluride. Also, Hotel Madeline offers free dvd rentals. Nice touch!




Okay, so I am sure you are wondering if I am going to tell you anything negative about Hotel Madeline in Telluride in our review! I can 0nly come up with two things and one of them is completely out of their control. The negatives are the altitude and pool area. I will admit that there was an ounce of worry in my mind when I heard that Hotel Madeline had an “oxygen bar.” I thought that is super cool, but is there a reason for it? Apparently there is. Telluride is located at one of the highest altitudes in Colorado and as much as 60% of the visitors have some sort of altitude side affects. Unfortunately for us, Daniel had a more significant dose of altitude sickness which included a migraine headache, muscle aches and nausea. It lasted for a little over 24 hours and was not fun. We did visit the oxygen bar at Hotel Madeline, although Daniel said it really did not help. I think his case was a little more severe than what an oxygen bar was intended for. However, I give huge props to the resort for recognizing the problem and highly recommend vacationers to use the oxygen bar if they have slight altitude side affects that can make your vacation less than perfect. Sorry for the picture below Daniel, but I am in the business of giving reviews! Here is Daniel feeling like crap at the Hotel Madeline Oxygen Bar.

Hotel Madeline Telluride Oxygen Bar

Hotel Madeline Telluride Oxygen Bar



Maybe I am just spoiled, but the pool area at Hotel Madeline just stunk.ย  I hate to be rude, but I always try to be honest and this is an honest review of the Hotel Madeline pool area or at least what we thought of it anyway!

I loved the pool area at the Viceroy in Snowmass being on the ski slopes with the lift overhead. The sushi restaurant serving fresh sushi while soaking in the outdoor hot tub was also a plus! The Hotel Madeline pool is indoor and smells like a suffocating chlorine tank. Sorryย  ๐Ÿ™ย  With that being said, the Hotel Madeline still is one the number one luxury resort in Telluride and has more positives than negatives. I just want to give a real picture of what your vacation at Hotel Madeline will be like. The pool won’t be your favorite part and lucky for us, we did not care. You have to remember that I am a hotel snob ๐Ÿ™‚ On a side note, Hotel Madeline has a major advantage over the Viceroy in Snowmass as far as location to the mountain village and access to town. I told ya that every place has its pluses and minuses!

Hold on because I am getting back to the good stuff at Hotel Madeline! Telluride Mountain Village is conveniently connected to the town by a free gondola that is within steps of the Hotel Madeline. Thus, you can enjoy the mountain amenities along with a real town where people live, work and play by a free gondola ride. You literally do not need a car in Telluride, especially if you are staying at the Hotel Madeline. Chic Family Travels thanks the Hotel Madeline for having us at their luxurious resort in the heart of Telluride Mountain Village. We will forever have fond memories of our time there!

Telluride Gondola

Telluride Gondola


















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