Australia Scuba Diving Adventure

Take the Plunge: Scuba Vacationing in Northern Australia

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Take the Plunge: Scuba Vacationing in Northern Australia

Australia Scuba Diving Adventure

Looking for something different to do on your next holiday? How about an exciting scuba diving trip in beautiful Northern Australia? Northern Australia is full of gorgeous scenery and rich flora and fauna you have to experience at least once. The sea life is especially wonderful. You have got to see it to believe it, and the best way to see it is up close and personal; and there’s no better way to do that than by scuba diving.

Northern Australia is full of great local business that specialize in giving scuba diving tours. They offer a variety of scuba diving and snorkeling packages for large or small groups. The tours are designed for maximum safety, adventure and enjoyability and are led by certified professionals. These tours are a great way to experience Northern Australia’s sandy beaches, sparkling waters and rich sealife. Professional tour guides know just where to go to get you close to the best underwater excitement Northern Australia has to offer.

On a scuba diving tour, you can expect to see hundreds of species of diverse sea life. Cod Hole, on the northern part of Australia’s Great Barrier Reef, is one of the continent’s most famous diving hot spots. This storied locale features the famous Potato Cod (epinephelus tukula) and is great for night diving. The fish are fearless and the coral is beautiful making a must-dive spot for vacationers.

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Darwin not only has a rich array of reef fish, turtles, sharks and invertebrates but its waters also host the wreckage of many Australian planes and ships from World War II. Nothing expands your world quite like exploring the secret world of these magnificent underwater creatures. It is like a vacation and an education rolled into one which is especially wonderful if you are bringing kids.

Troppos, located just off of the Norman Reef, is a very family-friendly dive spot. It is perfect for free-diving and snorkeling and has an abundance of active, diverse sea life. Among them you will find colorful parrotfish, beautiful damselfish, and an array of blue and yellow wrasses. The somewhat reclusive female humbacked wrasse has also been known to make an appearance in Troppos’ waters.


Northern Australia also happens to be home to some of the finest resort hotels in the world. The Palms City Resort Hotel in Darwin features 89 beautiful rooms and fantastic amenities such as an outdoor pool, barbecue grills and a spacious event facility.

If you are in for the VIP treatment, try the Hotel Qualia on Hampton Island. The hotel features a luxurious yet minimalist design, a state-of-the-art spa, gorgeous views and gourmet dining.

For luxury with a touch of history, book a room at the Chateau Yering Historic House Hotel in Yarra Valley, Australia’s wine country. This majestic resort is decorated with rich reds and burgundies to reflect its location. Stepping into the Chateau is like being transported to a European manor house without ever leaving Australia. It features grand architecture, lush decor and top-notch amenities. After a long day of scuba diving, it is great to have a relaxing massage, a gourmet meal and a beautiful room to look forward to.

If your still yearning for more underwater adventure, there are many companies in australia that will take you on a short hop by plane to more spectacular places to go scuba diving in asia and other islands of the of the south pacific.  There you will also encounter various sealife and be pampered in some of the most exoctic hotels in the world.

Northern Australia is a world-class diving and vacationing spot. If you and your family are active people who enjoy adventure, a scuba diving vacation in Northern Australia is perfect for you. The region also offers plenty of relaxation and luxury in the form of beautiful resort hotels. For a trip off the beaten path, make your next vacation an adventurous scuba diving vacation in scenic Northern Australia.

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Tamala PrickettTake the Plunge: Scuba Vacationing in Northern Australia

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