Jolie Ravioli NYC

A Healthy Food Your Kids Will Love

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Jolie Ravioli Is A Healthy Food Your Kids Will Love

Every now and then, I have companies send us products to try out. I really don’t know why, because I am a travel writer. Even so, I am not going to say no to a week’s worth of dinner solutions for my kids. Would you?!

Ok, so maybe I am qualified to determine whether a particular food will please parents and kids. I DO have a house full of kids after all. This time we decided to have a little fun with the self-proclaimed “healthy ravioli” that appeared on our doorstep last week. We had a taste testing contest with all the different types of Jolie Ravioli : Cheese, Cheese and Broccoli, Mac & Cheezy & Pizza-roli.

Jolie Ravioli NYC

Admittedly, my kids were skeptical. Pizza ravioli just sounds a little strange. I threatened them with no dinner if they did not at least try the ravioli. It works every time 🙂 The taste-testing contest was a go!

Jolie Ravioli New York

O.k., so I am going to give you the skinny on what the kids thought about Jolie Ravioli. They actually loved the ravioli, and you can’t buy their affection. They are getting dinner regardless of whether it is free or not 🙂

Honestly, they had a hard time picking their favorite type of ravioli. Murray held his guns on choosing 2 winners instead of 1.

Jolie Ravioli Winners

The pizza-roli was surprisingly not strange at all. In fact, the pizza flavor was distinct but not overwhelming. The mac & cheesy ravioli tasted like…well…Macaroni and Cheese. We did not find that any of the ravioli needed an additional sauce, but you certainly could add one.

Drum roll please. The Jolie Ravioli winners are…..

Murray finally picked pizza-rolis as his favorite. I told ya it did not end up tasting strange! Even the 3 yr old agreed with me.

Healthy Ravioli For Kids

Claire picked pizza-rolis as her favorite too!

Jolie Ravioli


If you want to know more about Jolie Ravioli and where to get it, then check out their website at

If you have a product that you think Chic Family Travels might like, then feel free to contact us. We will take a free dinner anytime someone is offering 🙂 We just don’t promise to say nice things about it! You can’t buy picky kids taste buds. Just saying.

Tamala PrickettA Healthy Food Your Kids Will Love

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