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Top Toddler Travel Toys


Top 5 Travel Toys For Toddlers:

      1. Portable DVD : A portable dvd is my number 1 on my list of top 5 travel toys for toddlers! I have learned the hard way that not all airlines have entertainment (after a painful 4 hour flight on US airways).
      2. Also, many airlines still have the overhead entertainment which is not toddler friendly (Note: Delta has a lot of airplanes with overhead entertainment only).
      3. Thus, I invested in a portable DVD player and child size headphones. It might only buy us an hour, but I’ll take what I can get! If you have more than one child, buy those neat little gadgets that allow you to plug more than one headphone into a DVD device called a multi-headphone splitter.

    • Wikki Stix : These bendable wax sticks are a perfect toddler travel toy. Wikki Stix provide tons of fun and endless options for your toddler to create whatever his or her little imagination can come up with! They are also activity sets that come with these wikki sticks on Amazon, and there is an example below.

  • Reusable Sticker Books:Who knew? Yes, they do exist and work quite well. The stickers are reusable as are the sticker books which provide for a lot endless sticking! Another fun option is Duck Tape, because it re-sticks easily and you can make tons of things with duck tape. My older girls can even put together a purse with duck tape. They make all kinds of colors so buy a couple of rolls of duck tape and let the fun begin!
  • Mess Free Color Wonder Books: You gotta love anything that starts with “Mess Free,” when it comes to a toddler. Crayola Mess Free Coloring Books are great little travel toys for toddlers.
  • Take apart Building Sets: Admittedly, this travel toy is better for a boy toddler than a girl toddler. I have a boy so it makes the top travel toy for toddlers list! I like these building sets because there is a “project” involved that can take the toddler several times to figure out. I bought the “Take Apart and Build Airplane” for our travels to St. Vincent in Feb.
  • (Note: If I had a girl toddler, my number 5 travel toy for toddlers would be Polly Pockets!)

I guess this list should have technically been the Top 6 Travel Toys For Toddlers, but who is counting ?!

Tamala PrickettTop 5 Travel Toys For Toddlers


  1. Stephanie Williams

    Thank you for your wonderful suggestions. I had a difficult time finding a high quality resort with toddler care – until I found you. Now I’m excited about planning a “real” vacation for all! Thanks again, Stephanie Williams, Glen Ellyn, IL.

    1. Author
      Chic Family Travels

      Hello Stephanie,

      I am so glad that you found our blog about luxury resorts with toddler care! It is amazing to many that so many resorts do not offer this amenity and yet it needed in order for parents who are traveling with young children to truly enjoy their vacation.
      Best Regards

  2. eileen at FamiliesGo!

    Love wiki stix! They’re very easy to pack and more versatile than you expect. But building toys are not just for boys. Yes, my daugher turns her blocks into cookies, she’s baked, but she still likes them! Blocks with magnets are handy.

    1. Author
      Chic Family Travels

      I will have to check out blocks with magnets! I have not seen those. Sounds like a brilliant traveling toy!

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