Where to go…Where to go? My 2 year old hates to fly!

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Chic Family Travels had a moment of honesty and decided to cancel our European cruise this summer. You ask why? Well, because my 2 year old truly hates to fly. Yeah, he is that kid that screams 50-75% of the flight despite EXTREME efforts to make the trip fun and relaxing. My mother was joining us on the European trip and felt as though the little man would be fine as long as we planned ahead! That was until she flew with us to Costa Rica which was about a 1/3 of the flight time to Europe. He basically screamed the entire flight in frustration of being tied down to a seat. We tried everything including the following:

We have tried the following and nothing makes it a peaceful flight:
1- wrap a toy/gift for every hour of the flight
2- Children’s Benedryl (tried it previous to the trip and it did not cause a “reverse effect”)
3- Children’s Dramamine. Yeah, they make it.
4- Comfy Kid’s Ear Headphones for Cartoons
5- Bottles upon demand
6- Snacks Galore
Did we leave any magical trick out?

He was so frustrated, and so were our our airplane neighbors. It was probably less frustrating to our airplane neighbors than us, but nonetheless I’m sure it was not a relaxing flight for those sitting closeby.

I had an epiphany after this trip. We just arent there yet! I want to take our kids to see the world, but I have a precious 2 year old that I am not willing to leave behind. Thus, I have to readjust our plans until he is international flight worthy.

We have already planned trips to Universal in September and Antigua (Carlisle Bay) in November. I am having a hard time finding a place that fits our needs for an additional trip! We need childcare for a 2 year old as needed. Ideally, it would be a nursery and/or kids club as provided by Carlise Bay in Antigua. Also, it would have luxurious kids friendly accommodations with lots of activities. We don’t care if they are Rocky Mountain oriented or Caribbean oriented but we like to stay active. The girls also LOVE tennis resorts which is one of the reasons we chose Carlise Bay for November.

I am starting to think we should just go there twice! Any recommendations blogger friends????

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Tamala PrickettWhere to go…Where to go? My 2 year old hates to fly!